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Connect with your markets and compel them to action through remarkable event management and attention-grabbing public relations.

Multinational or boutique

Your business has the same need: to engage your target audiences in ways that create a bond with your brand and make it clear that your product is the best option.

Events that the media want to attend

Conceptual Event Society conceives, develops and executes events across Toronto and the GTA. Events that appeal to the media’s senses, their desire for excitement and their need for fresh experiences – and that motivates them to spread your word.

Public Relations stories that create a buzz

Every story needs an appealing angle and an engaging story-teller. Conceptual Event Society develops creative story lines, crafts original copy and distributes it to an extensive and active media network.

Why choose Conceptual Event Society?

Reach your marketing goals and build your business.

A Solid Partner

Conceptual Event Society has the experience to understand the value and power of relationships, both with you and with a network of vendors and media who are ready to deliver everything you need, when you need it, within your budget.

Better Branding

By spreading your message organically, you create a level of trust that boosts your brand’s reputation.

Bottom-Line Focus

Successful event marketing and public relations campaigns are responsible to the bottom-line, and Conceptual Event Society provides the reporting and analysis to prove it.

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