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Connect with your markets and compel them to action through remarkable event management and attention-grabbing public relations.

Multinational or boutique

Your business has the same need: to engage your target audiences in ways that create a bond with your brand and make it clear that your product is the best option.

Events that the media want to attend

Conceptual Event Society conceives, develops and executes events internationally. Events that appeal to the media’s senses, their desire for excitement and their need for fresh experiences – and that motivates them to spread your word.

Public Relations stories that create a buzz

Every story needs an appealing angle and an engaging story-teller. Conceptual Event Society develops creative story lines, crafts original copy and distributes it to an extensive and active media network.

CES Founder’s Story
“My job is to help people. To make their dreams come true.”
Jessica Panetta - Founder, Conceptual Event Society
The pieces started falling into place early on.

As a child, Jessica learned to play the piano, studied ballet and enjoyed watching movies. “I can recite every line of Back to the Future!” Jessica claims.

Her first job was in her family’s car dealership, where she did just about everything, from stocking units to answering phones and selling cars.

And there was always ballet.

Jessica performed on stage with some of the best dancers in the world and as a soloist. After her stage career, she stayed involved as a teacher and choreographer.

But, a ballet dancer’s career can be fleeting.

So Jessica put her education and teaching experience to work as a primary school teacher. But, while she loved the job and her students, she felt restricted in what she could accomplish.

She reached out to her friends, “you love fashion and beauty. I know some PR companies looking for help,” one replied.

The Leap to PR

“I had learned a lot related to PR at the car dealership and in ballet due to networking, promotion, staging and so on, and I decided to put those skills to work. My experience gave me a different perspective and I really thrived in the environment,” says Jessica.

She was soon presenting to million dollar clients who loved her fresh approach.

“But I grew up in business, and I saw holes in how PR companies were managed,” says Jessica.

Building it one client at a time, Conceptual Event Society soon became a full-time gig.

With her passion and work ethic, Jessica was soon dressing A-list celebrities, working as a wardrobe consultant and associate producer on a Hollywood film, getting her clients into fashion weeks all over the world, and attracting major publicity for promising and established talent alike.

Through it all, Jessica always gave back…

She used her teaching roots to set up an internship program that guarantees successful candidates a job after completion.

She also supports and works for many charities, including U for Change, BOOST Child and Youth Advocacy Centre, and Fashion Heals for Sick Kids.

“From day one, I’ve supported BIPOC designers,” adds Jessica. “I have worked to get them into Vogue, on the Golden Globe red carpet, and one of the closing shows at Toronto Fashion Week.”

CES continues to broaden its horizons.

CES, based in Toronto, is one of the top PR firms in Canada and has a global reach. The company’s latest client initiatives include pop-ups for international brands, maintaining active and productive social media channels, and media training for public figures and business leaders.

And its clients also benefit from Jessica’s own on-going high-profile media appearances on top Canadian news and lifestyle shows.

We’re always looking for new ways to help our clients!” says Jessica.

And she’ll keep bringing together all the pieces of her life to help them do so!

Jessica standing in a green dress in a park

There’s no better example of pieces of one’s life coming together into a bigger picture than the story of our founder, Jessica Panetta.

Why choose Conceptual Event Society?

Reach your marketing goals and build your business.

A Solid Partner

Conceptual Event Society has the experience to understand the value and power of relationships, both with you and with a network of vendors and media who are ready to deliver everything you need, when you need it, within your budget.

Better Branding

By spreading your message organically, you create a level of trust that boosts your brand’s reputation.

Bottom-Line Focus

Successful event marketing and public relations campaigns are responsible to the bottom-line, and Conceptual Event Society provides the reporting and analysis to prove it.

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