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Candidly George

Candidly George

by Jessica Panetta on October 30, 2014 in Entertainment, Fashion

If you were to Google an image of a celebrity, chances are it is a George Pimentel photograph. With the Toronto International Film Festival on the horizon, I could not think of a better person to interview about one of the year’s most anticipated events. Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting George at his studio. We discussed fashion, film and selfies.

Not only is George Pimentel regarded as Canada’s most renowned celebrity photographer, he is also down to earth, professional and charismatic. I believe this has a lot to do with his success. “Celebrities pose for me because they trust me. I am not a paparazzi and I am there to make them look their best. My favorite shots are those when the celebrity is caught off guard and not posing. I am looking for a moment.”



From Toronto to Hollywood, he has photographed every A-list star and shoots about 300 events per year. These events include the Oscars, Golden Globes, Emmys and World MasterCard Fashion Week.


“Fashion is everything and is everywhere. I love fashion. I enjoy shooting fashion shows and I look forward to seeing what celebrities are wearing. I am so lucky to live in Toronto and get to do what I do. We have it all here. Even my colleagues in L.A. tell me how fortunate I am.”

How did it begin for George? “I took my first celebrity photo of Robert De Niro, and ever since then, it has been my passion. I don’t interfere in their business and I never hassle anyone. I just manage to capture the stars in their element.”


Many stars seem to like capturing themselves in their own element and at the end of the day it is the people or followers that decide which picture or celebrity is the most popular. Kim Kardashian takes a selfie and it becomes news. That being said, I could not talk to a photographer of George’s caliber and not mention social media. “Celebrities have now become photographers as well and the people on social media that ‘like’ their pictures, especially nowadays, have a say in whom photographers should be shooting.”

What does George think of selfies? “I love selfies! People need to have fun with them. Make sure the background is interesting; stretch your arm out at a high angle and shoot. Most importantly, have a big smile or even make a silly face.”

For more on George Pimentel, go to http://www.oneshotgeorge.com/ or if you prefer, pose for him at a TIFF event.

Jessica Panetta




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