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A Mikael D Runway Show = Fashion Heaven

A Mikael D Runway Show = Fashion Heaven

by Jessica Panetta on October 30, 2014 in Fashion and beauty

Even though World MasterCard Fashion Week ended two weeks ago, everyone, including myself, is still talking about the Mikael D runway show. If you are not familiar with this label, then you better take a break from reading this and Google it right now.  Through your search, you will learn that celebrities such as, Halle Berry and Mariah Carey have worn Mikael’s creations.  You will also learn that his designs are showstoppers and works of art.  However, before I dive into the details of the runway show and my lovely interview with the one and only Mikael Derderian; I had the pleasure of being backstage for all the preparation with a team of talented individuals that ensured the designer’s vision became a reality (the phrase: it takes a village, came to mind).

Whether you are into fashion or not, we all know that hair and makeup play a vital role in the completion of your look.  Prior to the show, I had an interview with Paul Pereira, lead stylist for the Mikael D show and stylist at Solo Bace Salon, who explained the deconstructed chic-look that the models were working.  Paul explained it as…

A modern twist on a classic 60s style. Once I saw the clothes, I wanted to embrace the high glamour, but in a more relaxed way.

The hair was absolutely gorgeous and it was achieved with a variety of products from Schwarzkopf Professional OSiS+.  The key distinguishing feature of this brand is that all the products work together; you can mix products in the full range to find the custom blend that works for your unique hair-needs.


George Pimentel/WIRE IMAGE

Tips from Paul Pereira, Lead Hairstylist of the Mikael D Runway Show:

1) Look at the back of your hair before you leave the house.
2) Do not be afraid to run your hands through your hair.
3) Get educated. Ask a professional for a consultation or go online and find out the benefits of key products by Schwarzkopf Professional OSiS+ and Schwarzkopf Professional OSiS+ Session Label




He had some great advice for us regular people who want to achieve the runway-esque look: “Don’t be afraid to get creative! When attempting a style, use products that will support the needs of the style you are trying to achieve (i.e. if you are looking for volume and hold, try a texturizing powder). Many of the styles seen on the catwalk are based on trial and error by many hairstylists. The key is to know what works to achieve your personal style.”

The beauty trend for this show was romanticism with a modern twist.  The reflection of light bouncing off the skin was the main focus.  You can achieve this easily by taking a small blending brush and from the temple to the cheekbone, create a C motion.  You can use your brow bone highlighter, start with a dab and keep building to where you feel most comfortable.  Another great tip that I learned from the show: instead of applying your eyeliner as if you were drawing a line from one point to another, use a gel-based liner and with an angled brush, using a stamping-like-motion, stamp the liner lightly along your lash line.  This method is fool-proof.

The show took place at the Fermenting Cellar in the historic Distillery District.  With a front row seat, I drooled though the entire show.  Mikael’s collection displayed an evolving artist that still honored the jaw-dropping pieces he is known for.  The Fall/Winter 2014 collection had a plethora of gorgeous gowns with tantalizing beading to cocktail dresses, with leather and lace detailing.  The show’s finale included, a bridal ball gown, which took everyone’s breath away.

After the show, I immediately and literally, ran backstage to speak to Mikael and he described his collection as one “Inspired by ancient Rome.  There is a mix of hard tailoring with romantic fabrics but the structure is still quite rigid, yet feminine.  I wanted to take the past and modernize it.  I love the female figure and I wanted to make sure this collection enhanced it”.  Well Mikael, any female figure would be lucky to wear one of your masterpieces.

Here are highlights from this fashionable-fairytale Fall/Winter 2014 collection, which closed World MasterCard Fashion Week with the finale it deserved.

Photo credits – George Pimentel/WIRE IMAGE

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