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Reveal the New You for the New Year

Reveal the New You for the New Year

by Jessica Panetta on January 5, 2015 in Fashion and beauty


I am not one for New Year’s resolutions; but I thought for 2015 I would try something different. I have decided to create a New Year’s resolution, which, by the way, is yet to be determined. This concept popped into my head during some last minute Christmas purchases at Yorkdale Shopping Centre, where there was an over-the-top celebration for the opening of Forever 21. The event got me thinking about new beginnings. We are usually afraid of making significant changes in our lives but why not start with one small upgrade, like our wardrobes?

A lot of my friends are going through transitional periods in their lives and I want my experience to inspire other women to create the life they want through their choice in clothing. Let’s be honest, as much as we try not to judge someone by how they look or how they dresses, most of us tend to – it is natural. You want to get that job? Go in looking the part. You want that guy? Throw on those high-heels. You have to put some effort into your look. If looking your best was a waste of time, then why is fashion a billion dollar industry? I am not suggesting red carpet attire, rather, if you decide not to put on eye shadow, add a pop of color to your lip and throw your hair in a neat bun or topknot.

Here are a few simple fashion and beauty tips that you can do individually each day or if you are feeling brave, perform a combination of two or more.

Your foundation is exfoliation

If you look good wearing makeup, chances are you look good without it as well. You need to take care of that canvas first, AKA, the skin on your face.

If you can, try to buy an exfoliator that can be used every day. The beads are man-made and gentle on the skin. Exfoliation speeds up your skin’s natural renewal process and helps your moisturizer penetrate into the skin deeper. Further, routine exfoliation leads to visibly brighter skin, as well as keeping fine lines and wrinkles in check. Amen to that!

exfoliateStick with your beauty routine

Do not go to bed without washing your face. I do not care how tired you are from the club or even if you do not wear makeup; you better wash your face! If you do not, forget the damage it will cause to your skin but even your lashes will become brittle from the dried up mascara.


Instant glam

A jeweled belt makes everything more luxurious. You can cinch a dress, sweater, blazer or even a coat with an embellished number and instantly, your look goes to the next level without breaking the bank. These types of belts can be found at Zara, Forever 21 and H&M.


Create your look book

Shop your closet! Most of us have a smart phone. Therefore, snap pictures of your best outfits, head-to-toe, save them to your phone and for those days when you do not know what to wear; you will have a look book at your fingertips. There are even apps out there, which enable you to create style boards from your photos.


 As I mentioned above, no one forced me to evolve my look but other women inspired me and I hope these guidelines do the same for you. Be fearless this year, even if it is a small step towards red lipstick.

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