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Spiro Mandylor – A staple of the Toronto fashion scene

Spiro Mandylor – A staple of the Toronto fashion scene

by Jessica Panetta on November 18, 2014 in Entertainment, Fashion

With the wrap-up of World MasterCard Fashion Week, I thought it would be beneficial to talk to an individual who is immersed in the fashion world of our city and beyond. Spiro Mandylor, founder of the Toronto blog It’s All Style To Me, took time out of his busy schedule to sit down and talk fashion with me. His perspective on fashion is not what you would expect from someone who has been surrounded by it for most of his life (i.e., he believes the award for overrated style goes to Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Pharrell and First Lady Michelle Obama).

When It’s All Style To Me was launched, it was not solely about meeting designers and celebrities; it was about developing his writing and engaging his audience with brief fashion and style reviews for the busy professional. Spiro takes aspects from diverse parts of his life and incorporates them into his blog.

He is a photographer, an artist, a marketing maven, an IT expert and if I may say so, a stylish individual.


Regarding Toronto Fashion Week, Spiro believes that Toronto is light-years away from where it should be. “We need more government funding and support, and all the cities of Canada should come together to create a

Canadian Fashion Week. Most importantly, the timing is off. We should have our fashion week the week before New York’s so that the buyers’ budgets are not already spent.” Further, he is proud of our Canadian designers and deems brands such as Mackage, as innovators. “Their approach to outerwear is incomparable. They have an approach that others can’t come close to.” He goes on to mention Line Knitwear and says, “they keep evolving, while staying true to their trademark look.” Spiro is excited

about the upcoming trends and regards designers Joe Fresh, Pink Tartan, Mikael D and Michael Kale as ones to watch for 2014.

Spiro’s final thoughts: like it or not, we are all into fashion, even trends; since what is available in stores and online, on some level, dictates what we wear. Ladies, do not wear tights as pants because it is lazy and distasteful. Men, get rid of your square-pointed shoes; and everyone should dress age-appropriate.

For more information about Spiro Mandylor, please visit itsallstyletome.com or watch him
on E!’s Celebrity Style Story.


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