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Spring, Stilettos and Toronto Fashion Week

Spring, Stilettos and Toronto Fashion Week

by Jessica Panetta on November 18, 2014 in Fashion

Spring is on the horizon and that can mean a number of things: most importantly, winter is ending, but for me, it means storing my boots and busting out my pumps for World MasterCard Fashion Week.  

Toronto Fashion Week kicks off March 17th and ends March 21st and the attention will be on designers such as Joe Fresh, Pink Tartan, Anu Raina, Line Knitwear and the fabulous list goes on. What is great about this particular week is that it showcases not only established Canadian and international designers but up and coming designers as well (nothing like a new kid on the block). However, in my opinion, all the fashion lovers that attend the runway shows will make the real statement. When I want to experiment with my own style, I look to these people for inspiration. On the other hand, I will be looking to the runway for the trends and looks for Fall/Winter 2014 and if you are not completely into fashion, the weeklong event is bursting with exclusive parties and gorgeous people (i.e. models running wild and I love it).

The trends for Fall/Winter 2014 consist of bold furs, winter pastels, heavy texture, colour blocking, edgy sportswear, menswear-inspired tailoring, psychedelic sparkle and tonal dressing, which I am completely into. However, as a word of caution ladies and gentlemen, just because it is a trend does not mean it will look good on you. Wear what works for your body and what you feel comfortable and confident in but do not be afraid to take risks. Much like you, your style is constantly evolving and that is part of the fun of fashion. Toronto Fashion Week will more than likely participate in my continuing style evolution as well.

Did you know Toronto Fashion Week is the second-largest fashion week in North America, after New York Fashion Week? As a Torontonian and self-proclaimed fashionista, I am quite proud of this fact. During this time of year, Fashion Week brings a vibe to the city that TIFF does not. TIFF is more about gawking at celebrities, where fashion week is more about gawking at people’s sense of style (a lot of staring, stink-eye and/or winks) and judging, which is not always a good thing — but people are entitled to their opinions. Furthermore, after you are done attending a show and you are over dieting, the city has many restaurants that can offer you a deal when you pay with your MasterCard.

I cannot wait to see the many ways fashion lovers and editors attempt effortless looks, which ultimately, are not so effortless; and let us not forget those fashion risk-takers that will regret their risk the next day, when they take a second look at their post on Instagram. What I really cannot wait for — and we all do this — is people watching. There are designers, models, their entourages, the stressed out people and the people getting annoyed with the stressed out people. As much as people look forward to fashion week, they are also very tense about it. The entertainment does not end and the icing on the cake is the multitude of new collections strutting along the runway.

Let me take this opportunity to say that anyone who cares about style takes the time to put his or her look together, myself included. You can take fashion seriously or have fun with it. Through your style, you can express your mood and who you are. I, on the other hand, like to get dressed five minutes before walking out the door because I make my style choices on a whim, according to how I am feeling. How do you make yours?

For a complete list of designers, events and tickets for World MasterCard Fashion Week please visit: worldmastercardfashionweek.com.


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