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Style with Wylde

Style with Wylde

by Jessica Panetta on November 18, 2014 in Entertainment, Fashion

As a fashion and beauty editor, I believe it is important to get people’s diverse perspectives on style. For this month’s feature, I sat down with Adam Wylde, co-host of Blake & Wylde on KiSS 92.5FM. We spoke about trends, shoes and stylish ladies.

Adam is a t-shirt, jeans and Converse sneakers kind of guy, which is a look ladies love. I was pleased to hear that he cares about style and wants to learn more about fashion. “Blake would describe my style as a mess but I like to be comfortable. However, I enjoy dressing for every occasion and I usually add an edge with a watch.” 

We went on to discuss male trends and what he had to say was funny, yet true: “The MC Hammer pants that Justin Bieber brought back are going to be a regret, just like the mullet of the ‘80s. I like that baggy jeans are out and nowadays, when it comes to style, men have more of a variety. We don’t dress like our dads and you can look professional in a meeting without wearing a suit.”

I attend a lot of events and ladies will sometimes ask me what they should wear on a date, particularity at a sporting event. Adam is an avid sports lover and for this situation, he explained it this way: “For me, the most attractive thing is confidence. I won’t tell a girl what to wear. I want them to go with their personal style and feel comfortable. When you feel good in what you wear, it shows.”

Adam’s celebrity crushes are the fashion “It Girls” of Hollywood. Both Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence are known for their standout style. “They have an ease and confidence about them. They are classy and know how to dress in any situation because they know how to carry themselves in whatever they are wearing.” I am sure it also does not hurt that they are charming and easy on the eyes, Adam.

I am predicting that one day Blake & Wylde will become a part of our TV schedule and then, we can tune in to see what they are both wearing; but in the meantime, you can listen to the show for everyone, weekdays from 2–7pm on KiSS 92.5. You will laugh, learn and be thoroughly entertained. I promise.


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